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Holly Davidson


Holly shares some of her truly inspiring exercise plans to get you fit and feeling energised. She will help you get your body in shape with her cardio and strength building exercises.

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Sadie Frost


Sadie focuses on yoga and meditation. Her exceptional personal experiences with meditation and yoga enable her to share her tips on how both can help improve your life.

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Amber Rose


Amber shares her amazingly nourishing recipes. She has travelled the world cooking in cafes and restaurants honing her skills to prove eating healthy doesn't have to be boring.


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Holly Davidson
Holly Davidson
Holly Davidson

Exercise & Body

By Holly Davidson
Sadie Frost Yoga

Meditation & Yoga

By Sadie Frost
Green Smoothy
Poached Eggs
Chia Pudding

Food & Drink

By Amber Rose

Sadie Frost, Holly Davidson and Amber Rose are three friends who've come together to write Nourish as a guide about their health-promoting learnings that have helped them alleviate some of the stressors we all experience. Like most of us, all three have hectic, busy, working lives. They have developed successful routines, methods and recipes to promote calmness and overall well-being. They share their tips - Sadie, as an actor, producer and mother; Holly as an actor, model and personal/lifestyle trainer; and Amber as a chef, doula, mother and author - to help you assuage some of the stress we all experience from time to time.


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Dream Catcher

It's all about Sleep

This summer I realised I was lacking high quality sleep so I decided to take back the night. Here's how I've managed to reclaim my zZZZZzzzs.

Sadie Frost Sadie Frost
Family Activity

Getting the family moving

Recently a friend was quizzing me on how she could get her family doing more exercise and wondering if I had any tips. I do! Read more to find out.

Holly Davidson Holly Davidson
Reducing Sugar

Reducing Sugar

Through all my cooking and recipes I like to find flavoursome healthy ways to not only get nutrition into my family but to reduce our sugar intake.

Amber Rose Amber Rose


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