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It's All About Sleep

Sleep is a great way to restore your body and mind

With so much family activity going on over the summer, I realised I was lacking high quality sleep and averaging about 5 hours a night had started taking its toll on my focus and I wanted my full 7 back. Plus, my body was craving it!

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So here's what I did to take back the night:

I dubbed my bedroom an electronics-free zone. Tablets, laptops, and phones have all been banished!

I drink a lot coffee, so I made a conscious effort to stopped drinking coffee after midday.

My bedtime varies considerably, so I've tried to regulate it a bit and have given myself a window of 1 hour where I aim to wind down for the night which might include yoga or meditation. I brought dinner time forward to be a bit earlier in the evening to give my body time to digest.

Sadie Frost
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Sadie Frost

Currently involved with her film company Blonde to Black Pictures, which has just completed two feature films, with many more to come.

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