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Getting the whole family active

People regularly ask me how to get their family more engaged with exercise from toddlers to teenagers to sedentary spouses.

Family Activity

Here are a few ideas:

Set the example - Kids learn by doing so take the lead and show them physical activity is fun and part of a healthy lifestyle. Cut screen time usage across the entire family - Set clear limits around screen time and ensure there are no mobiles, game consoles, televisions, or tablets turned on at the dinner table.

Initiate family group activities - Go for a walk in the park after Sunday lunch, take a stroll down the high street, or a trip down to the coast for a walk on the beach. You don't need to be playing sport, just keep them moving.

Buy family friendly garden toys like a trampoline, football goals, badminton rackets, a table tennis or croquet set. A trampoline is always a fun choice and also focused activity on the trampoline is a great way to tone one's brain as well as the body. Try jumping in the same spot alternating sitting and standing positions - an excellent way to add brain training into your healthy family playtime*.

* Tip from Bernadette Tynan

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Holly Davidson

Currently practices as a Level 3 personal trainer and fitness coach. An excellent motivator who will get you moving.

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