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My aim is to share what I have learnt from my life experience in an approachable and unintimidating way, giving you the same insights I have gained from those who have taught and helped me over the years.

The plan I have developed uses a combination of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and good eating. It is a daily practice of positivity, assertiveness and surrender that nurtures the mind, body and soul and it begins with the way you breathe.


Yoga Benefits

Nourish Heart

I was first introduced to yoga by my mother when I was 15 as she thought it would help with the breathing difficulties I always had as a child.

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Nourish Heart

Meditation is something I struggled with right from the beginning. I just didn't get it! I really felt I was kind of faking it and I just didn't understand what it actually achieved.

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Breathe Properly

Nourish Heart

As a child I suffered from a condition called bronchiectasis, which meant I had breathing difficulties. I was subjected to panic attacks and anxiety because I was not truly connected to my breath.

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Sadie Frost
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Sadie Frost

Currently involved with her film company Blonde to Black Pictures, which has just completed two feature films, with many more to come.

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