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Reconnect with your breath. We all know breath is essential to life, but sometimes we switch on autopilot and take both for granted. When life gets hectic, taking time out to slow down and regulate one's breath can provide contentment, calmness and best of all, energy! In yoga practice "breath" is called "Pranayama". "Prana" means "life force" and "yama" means "extension", so a rough translation is "extension of life force". Learning how to engage this life force can help our body and mind in times when we need to take a moment out for ourselves and quite the mind.

One yogic breathing technique I find particularly energising is the foundation breath from the Kundalini practice called Breath of Fire. Breath of Fire is used to boost one's energy as it oxygenates and detoxifies the blood. It helps expand lung capacity and also aids in concentration. It is great for calming the nervous system and for giving a sense of well-being. To begin, take some normal deep breaths, then start to inhale and exhale rapidly through your nose, keeping the length of the inhale and exhale equal. You will notice your stomach contract with some force. Another way to begin is by sticking your tongue out and panting like a dog rapidly inhaling and exhaling through your nose. This method can help set up a good rhythm to stick with during your breathing practice, but ensure to close your mouth once you find your rhythm. Practice this breath for about 4 minutes to feel the benefits.

Sometimes you just need to breathe differently


The benefits of breathing techniques

  • Can calm and centre the mind
  • Is often therapeutic
  • Releases built up stress
  • Harmonises thoughts
  • Regulates heart beat
  • Enhances rest and relaxation
  • Oxygenates blood and allows improved energy
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